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Self-heating Tourmaline Insoles Orthotic

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The new Insoles heated self-heating insoles orthotic insole 

Size Selection
We will select the maximum size to send to send
(Maximum yardage Men US 11 UK 10 yards,
 Ms. US 13 yards UK 10.5 yards)
Insoles can be made arbitrarily trim
Trimmed to size to fit their own
Products are manual measurement error of 2-3 cm
Since insole is multitudinous factory production, so there will be slight color, and slight odor.

Far infrared anion bioelectrical one three! ! Natural energy! !
Achilles heel spur pain in the ankle joint rheumatoid dysmenorrhea
 (Originally self-heating socks pad is filled directly into the socks, so hot spots directly close to the paw, many buyers feel too hot or too strong a sense of acupuncture. The self-heating insoles, socks are worn across .)
Tourmaline can point to the foot points for health treatments! !
When no heat treatment of mild, strong heat treatment! !
The product of dry foot also has considerable effect!
This paragraph insole, mainly focusing on the effect of foot, focusing on the foot joint and foot disorders conservation, not that warm. Because plantar skin special, some people will for a long time feel the feeling of heat, however, far infrared tourmaline negative ions and bio-electricity, the foot points will play a good role.
Tips: each different constitution, it is an exothermic reaction varying lengths of time, such a long time without fever, can be used wet wipe tourmaline magnet! Often walk will promote insole heat intensity. 


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